Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sping Greeting Card

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Today, I am sharing a SPRING GREETING CARD on my blog.
As Now we are ready to welcome spring, I just got an idea with a greeting card. This greeting card is prepared in a simple way, but with creative ideas. As the theme is of a natural season, I have got some natural elements to design my card.
Am also inspired by the BGC challenge#67  for the preparation of such a card.

In the cover page, the border is given with the shells of pistachios.I have designed the base page by the impressions made with the help of  natural leaf  and made other designs with strips of paper.Then I made a scenery of spring season with the help of some spring elements (also taken the help of quilling techniques). And at last given the message"HAPPY SPRING" in a 3D way.

In the second page, The border is given with the help of impressions made by Ladies' fingers(vegetable). Then I have got a message WELCOME SPRING with some embellishments again.

In the third page, I have made borders with Yellow and green punched papers. Then between there is a place for the beautiful spring message for your dear ones. This message can also be replaced by your own message. I have made such an arrangement in this. So, NO WORRIES FOR  MESSAGES.

Now an end to my greeting card, this is the last page of your greeting card with some Easter embellishments and a beautiful message.

Materials Used

Card Stock
Paper Strips
Original Leaf (to make impressions)
Ladies' fingers (to make impressions)
Quilling Papers
Shells of pistachios

Elements Used

3D Butterfly
Easter Bunny
Easter eggs
Quilled flowers
Decorative items(balls,etc)

Hope You Like It!

Awaiting for your valuable suggestions/comments.

Enjoy Spring!!

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